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Are you an 888ladies Golden Ticket Bingo or IG winner?

Dear 888ladies & 888gents,

With so many ways to get your hands on a Golden Ticket, we need a separate blog post just to tell you which lucky 888ladies players have won one just by playing their fave bingo and instant games!

And here’s the roll call of winners so far! Keep watching this space for more winners!

Top Instant Game daily players:


75 ball bingo winners:

xxtiaxx, KayFrances666, pamandmichelle, pucci, tracyb99, wendywoos, capper31

90 ball bingo winners:


5 line bingo winners:

beerbacardi, willo56, sexihotlips, goodies

Everyone Really Is A Winner!

We are almost halfway through our of Everyone’s a Winner online bingo promotion and we still have to give away lots of iPad 2s, 32″ Samsung TV’s, Toshiba Laptops, £20 Love to Shop Vouchers, Nintendo Wii’s, Pairs of Alton Towers Tickets and thousands of Online Bingo Bonuses before 29th February!

Lots of you have already got in touch with us to tell us what you’ve been winning, including Jessica who won an iPad 2! Here’s what she had to say about her win…

“When I’m not at my local bingo club you can usually find me online, gaming, working or of course playing bingo online!

“Online bingo is great – being able to sit in the comfort of your own house, with a cup of tea, glass of wine or whatever your choice of refreshment may be is just awesome. Not only that but you also get to be part of a fantastic community with some lovely people who are all waiting for the same thing…1TG! :)

“At the end of last month I received an email from Mecca informing me of their latest promotion. The promotion was called ‘Everyone’s A Winner’, it was simple, all I needed to do was play bingo (well I was already doing that), spend £1 in one day and then claim my free gift. The gifts ranged from 50p vouchers, Alton Tower tickets right up to an iPad 2!

“I claimed a free gift over 9 days and my prizes over those days included four 50p vouchers and five £1 vouchers. I thought these were great, you can’t complain at being giving free bonus funds no matter what the value.

“This leads me to day 10, the 7th February; I had around £10 left in my account and played a couple of games throughout the day, forgetting at lunch to check my free gift. It was only after my tea when my Mum reminded me to claim my free gift, I logged on and hit the ‘Claim My Gift’ button. I walked away letting it load and when I came back I had to do a double take, for there on my screen as clear as day it said the words ‘Congratulations you have won an Apple iPad 2 16GB’!

“I think about moments like this, about what I would do if I ever won something as large as this, I always thought I would keep calm and sneakily tell my family to see if they believed me or not. Unfortunately all those thoughts went out the window; I simply screamed and ran around the house doing a silly dance!

“I just want to say a big thank you to Mecca Bingo for running this promotion and good luck to everyone else! You might think you’re never going to win but keep at it as you’ll be surprised! :D


Something really spooktacular happened in the billywood room on Saturday! A bingo on the coverall in 48 calls!!!

And the big winner is…

Wednesdayghost $ 300.00!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO Wednesdayghost!!! :-)


It was the another hot Friday sale where we had 1 mini laptop up for grabs! And the winner is… drum roll please… @@@@@@@ the winner is….

 TIFFER0220 WON NETBOOK/LAPTOP!!! Congratulations!!!


Rwarden123 was the big winner of the father’s day room! She got won a very nice $ 619.00 jackpot!!! Congratulations!!

Members who were 1, 2, 3 to go away from winning the big game won 50, 25, 15 BBS respectively! Claim until 2am ET today!

Dishy Dad Winner

Wow what amazing Dad’s and partners we all have! I hope they all got a nice treat on Father’s Day.

It’s been a tough decision, but we’re very excited to announce the winner of our Dishy Dad’s competition. Well done to Natalie and Anthony Powell! Natalie entered her husband, who has been her childhood sweetheart since the age of 15, because he is an adoring Father to his three daughters.

Natalie said: “I have been with my hubby since I was 15, that’s 14 years together. We have three beautiful daughters, who he totally adores. He’s been my rock ever since we found out our youngest had a cleft lip and palate. He’s been through everything with me, through every operation with her and also looked after the other two while I stayed with her. I would be totally lost without this man. He is my soul mate, my friend and my very sex hubby!”

Congratulations Anthony! We hope you enjoy your brand new Xbox 360 Console with Kinect Sensor and Kinect Adventures.


 We had a laptop up for grabs on Friday night! And the winner is… GGD59! WTGGGGGGGGGG!!!


 punkindunkinply won a $ 167.25 jackpot in the flower room yesterday! WTG!


 WTGGG LuckyChris!!! She grabbed the Jackpot for Friday the 13th worth $ 568.63! WOOHOO!

Titanic Room JP Winner!

Wow what a nite it was in the titanic room! We had so much fun and 2 big winners! LUCKYMOM AND IPGIRL WON $ 500.00 were saved and they shared a $ 500.00 TITANIC JP! Congratulations!