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Online Chat Rooms…The Biggest Platform to Socialize!

I believe that the social element in the land-establishments of the bingo halls is not so strong as it looks.

People do gather in the land-based bingo halls to socialize and play bingo games! But I think the players are not able to talk and socialize so freely in the brick and mortar bingo halls because here the bingo cards are marked manually. So, they are more busy in concentrating in listening to the bingo numbers called out to match and mark them on their cards.

They all know that missing out even a number can spoil the whole game! So, the fear of getting distracted by talking to others and missing out the bingo numbers keeps them away from socializing with others. And by the time the bingo game is over, the players are in a hurry to rush back to their homes.

Then came online bingo with which the social platform became livelier and wider! On online bingo your cards are marked automatically by an auto dauber thus liberating you from the hassle of concentrating and marking the numbers on your cards. Instead on online bingo while your cards are being automatically marked, you can freely chat and communicate with the bingo players coming from all around the world.

So, if you want to be the part of this extensive social network of bingo players, come join the chat rooms on 123bingoonline and enjoy socializing with people coming from different religions and various regions of the world. Plus, you won’t be able to resist the engrossing chat games hosted by the lively chat hosts of 123bingoonline. Have fun!

Free Bingo… A Perk on Online Bingo!

The best things in life are there for free and so does bingo! Almost all bingo sites offer an assorted range of free bingo games to cater the needs of those players who wish to gamble without putting at stake their hard earned cash.

And trust me the craze for the free bingo games is increasing with every passing day. In fact according to a survey there are more than 3.2 million players who like to play free bingo games online. The key reasons behind this ever growing passion for the free bingo games are many.

Besides, an ideal introduction of the online world of bingo for the newcomers, while playing on the free bingo games, you can grab the virtual thrill of bingo without spending a single dollar. You can purchase as many bingo cards as you want without making any real money deposit.

You can also earn some decent rewards by playing on unique and interesting free bingo chat games hosted by the chat monitors in the chat rooms and win some lovely bonuses too.

So, dig out a decent online bingo site, register and bingo for free without leaving the comfort of your house.

The dangers of playing online bingo

You would normally think that playing bingo is an extremely safe activity.  For the most part, I completely agree.  Except for the danger of jumping out one’s chair due to the thrill of a win, or perhaps sore vocal chords because of yelling at the computer to call that one last number; we’re talking about a relatively laid back and safe way to spend some leisure time.

Seeing how I’ve watched a Youtube clip that dealt with Health and Safety at the workplace, I’m a qualified expert* to recommend the following safety tips to make your bingo experience at BingoPalace less threatening to your health.

1.) Keep a spare pillow handy.

– One of the many ways that you can put yourself into danger is by getting carried away with the emotions involved in winning.  Having a pillow nearby will absorb most of the crazy joy that you’ll be screaming into it when you hit a jackpot, and is always willing to be be strangled when you’re one number short of winning a close game.  Plus, your computer will have more self esteem knowing that it’s the pillow you’re really yelling at.

2.) Move around every half hour

– Inactivity is being shown to be a looming threat to our health, and even life span.  Make sure that you move your body at least once every half hour.  Taking a walk around the room will do the trick as well as generate some static bingo energy that you will relay to the internet when you sit back down for more BingoPalace action.

3.) Always have another set of eye glasses available

– No one likes to squint.  It can cause wrinkles and damage your eyes if you are constantly straining to see.  Make sure that when you read about an incredible promotion or win at BingoPalace you do not try to make sure you’re reading correctly by moving closer to the screen or squinting.  Instead, try the secondary set of glasses to see that we deliver the best offerings in online bingo!

I hope that I’ve made a difference and I’ve enlightened at least one person as to some of the dangers of online bingo.  Do you have any more safety advice that we should keep in mind?  I’d be happy to hear it on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

Online Bingo Rules the World Wide Web!

With the advancement in computer mechanism many new and high tech online games are introduced every month. But even this new range of online games has not been able to match up with the craze and popularity of bingo games. Whatever may bingo games are and will always remain the master of all the games online because of its simplicity and entertaining attributes.

After the days hard work people prefer the game to be very simple as they obviously won’t like to tax their brains in trying to understanding the stringent rules. And so, they prefer the easy-to-understand and simple-to-play games like bingo.

Usually players look for interactive games online so that they can play and at the same time interact with their friends too. And bingo games are without doubt the most social and interactive of all the games available online. There are several closed and large bingo communities available online wherein you can chat and play bingo games with your friends and relatives.

Plus, bingo sites offer hundreds of small and interesting side games to spice up your bingo fun. So, even if you get bored playing the traditional bingo games, you can move to other variations of bingo like, slingo and other speed bingo games.

And after all this if you still have doubts about why bingo games rule the online gaming world, then get online and yourself tryout various bingo games online and I am sure, you’ll know why bingo rules!

Befriend the World on Online Bingo!

The inception of online bingo has pulled away the bingo games from the traditional land establishments of bingo halls to your cozy living rooms thus making your bingo journey a comfortable one.

But pulling away the bingo games from the traditional bingo halls, doesn’t mean that the social side of the game has been ripped off from the game. To make sure that the social purpose of the game does not get defeated, the high-tech online bingo technology has introduced an advanced chat feature into the online bingo halls. This chat feature lets you interact with bingo players while you play your favorite bingo games online. But the advantage of socializing on online bingo chat rooms over the land establishments of bingo halls is that here you get the benefit of socializing with the bingo players from all around the world.

But what makes the online bingo rooms stand-out is that they feature an exclusive set of chat games as well. So, while your regular bingo cards are being automatically daubed by the auto-dauber, you can rejoice in these free side games to have more fun and win more money.

So, if you too wish to join this new chat race and socialize with the bingo players from all the corners of the world… visit the colorful, exquisite bingo rooms on 123bingoonline!

Dig Out the Best on Online Bingo!!

While playing at the land establishments of bingo halls, I was left with no choice but to play bingo at the local bingo hall that was closest to my house.

But when I got online to tryout the massive flux of bingo games available online, it left me a bit perplexed! With no clue, I kept rambling from site to site hunting for the bingo experience that suits my bank balance and my taste buds too. It was only after draining a lot of energy and losing loads of precious dollars that my search came to an end with a bingo portal that was authentic and up-to-the mark with the best-in-market offers featured on it.

However, I wonder how things would have been different if someone guided me on where and what to look for on my hunt for the best online bingo site thus saving me from such a bitter experience.

So, to save you from the such a bitter experience, I decide to list out certain points in a simple and short way to help you dig out the best online bingo site thus making your online bingo journey a smooth and a pleasant one.

  • Checkout the bingo blacklist to sort out the blacklisted bingo sites.

  • Read the customer reviews and forums to find out the most preferred bingo site online.

  • Tryout the free bingo games featured on the site to explore the offers and bingo games it promises.

  • Compare the overall value of the welcomes bonus packages featured on the various bingo sites.

Keep these few points in mind and you’ll save yourself from the pain of getting lost in the immense wilderness on the online bingo. Good Luck!

Play and Practice on Free Online Bingo Games

With online bingo in vogue you can now practically relish playing real bingo games for hours without putting a single cent on stake! Just relax and play free online bingo games.

New to bingo? Well then practice on free online bingo games! It’s the best and the most risk free method to learn the basics of the bingo before you begin pouring in your precious dollars on the real money online bingo games.

The moment you Google in the words online bingo, you’ll come across several bingo portals featuring free online bingo games. There are basically two types of bingo games that are popularly played all around the world, 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. And the good thing is that both these bingo games are available absolutely free of cost on online bingo halls. Choose the bingo site that appeals you the most and pick up the bingo games you love to play. Then begin with your free online bingo experience right away!

For those who are new to bingo, it’s advisable to begin your free online bingo practice with the 75-ball bingo games as they are easier to understand! Plus they’re very entertaining because of the interesting variety of patterns that this bingo variation offers.

With hundreds of bingo patterns possible in 75-ball bingo games, you certainly have loads to practice on. But being a fresher begin with the basic free online bingo patterns such as, straight, horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, corners and postage-stamps, etc. And once you’ve practiced enough on these simple bingo patterns and you are confident about your gaming skills, you can step further and try out the more complex bingo patterns.

Deciding the number of cards you want to play is also very important. Begin your bingo practice by playing two or three bingo cards and once sure about your gaming skills, you can continue playing maximum number of cards to raise your odds of winning.

During your sincere practice on the free online bingo games, do remember to exercise your concentration skills too. Usually, many bingo players end up losing a game just because of their poor focus on the game.

So, practice, practice and practice more on the free online bingo games till you become a bingo expert!

Flash-based Online Bingo Games with Jackpots

Looking for Flash-based online bingo games with jackpots? If so, 123 Bingo Online is the website you should join right away! On our website, you can play Flash-based instant online bingo games and can aim for jackpots too! Listed below are more details about our bingo games and the kind of jackpots they feature. Have a look.

Flash-based Online Bingo Games

You can play our bingo online games right within your browser window. You don’t need to download any software application. These games are loaded inside your browser window. As a matter of fact, our bingo games can be played on all latest browsers on all computers!

Types of Jackpots

Our online bingo games basically feature two types of jackpots.

  • Guaranteed Jackpots

    This type of jackpot carries a fixed amount of money in it. Its value stays the same until someone hits the jackpot.

  • Random Jackpots

    A random jackpot starts with a value and if it is not hit within the specified number of calls, the value of the jackpot starts to decrease with every new call.

If you care for Flash-based online bingo games that feature jackpots, join 123 Bingo Online right away. Get free $ 25 on sign up, a 300% bonus on first deposit plus a 150% cash-back!

The Online Bingo Boom!!

The online bingo business is on a constant rise! And we are not surprised! Something that is so entertaining and something that is so luxurious is bound to have a large fan following.

Online bingo industry is featuring such online bingo games that are worth falling for. And with such reward reeling opportunities and 123 Bingoer-friendly access falling for online bingo games is very natural.

Online bingo has found a special place among the bingo players who play bingo with the sole objective of winning worthy rewards and making burly bonus bucks. This obviously comes with the added advantage of experiencing unfettered entertainment within the luxurious comfort of your house.

When it comes to the renowned online bingo sources, 123 Bingo and Bingo Knights are the online bingo brands that rule the world wide web. Such high profile online bingo portals feature all the popular online bingo games in their exotic bingo rooms along with the hefty jackpots to hit on .

Just get into the bingo room that appeals you and purchase as many cards as you want. Then play various online bingo games to create the stipulated patterns and win smashing rewards.

So, if you are not on online bingo yet, it’s time to hit the online bingo platform and unearth the most unmatchable bingo experience ever.

Win BIG with Special Online Bingo Games This Month

This September get ready to play online bingo games that are loaded with hefty guaranteed jackpots! After all, bingo is all about having fun and winning prizes, isn’t it?

So to let you enjoy playing bingo games that are truly remarkable, we are proud to roll out yet another set of amazing online bingo games this month. Have a closer look at these games below.

September Special Games

The following is a list of special online bingo games for this month.

  • Play Bingo Online (Pays you $ 150)

    This special bingo game is valued at $ 150. It is played once every hour. You get to win extra payouts if you bingo within the stipulated number of calls. For instance:

      • Bingo within 20 calls and win 30 BBs + 3 comp points.

      • Bingo within 25 calls and win 20 BBs + 2 comp points.

      • Bingo within 30 calls and win 10 BBs + 1 comp point.

By the end of the day, the player to collect the maximum number of comp points will win 25 BBs!

  • Royal Flush Bingo (Pays you up to $ 100 and 100 BBs)

    If you have a passion for poker, play the Royal Flush Bingo game which is played once every hour in the Green (Quarters) room. Check out the promotions page for more details.

So won’t you like to have a good share of fun and fortune? Then play online bingo games in September special!