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888ladies – Ten Ton Love My Mum

 There’s tons to be won for 10p in our Ten Ton Love My Mum promo, playing this Mothers Day weekend! Take home £250 cash every day @ 9pm from 15-18 March.

Win a daily jackpot of £250 cash every day @ 9pm from Thu 15 to Sun 18 March, that’s £1,000 in total! AND all 4 games are 75 ball bingo, so the winner takes all… & that winner could be you! Cards are just 10p which means you can max out on each game for under a fiver.  Make your way to the SPECIALS tab today & pre-buy your cards for all 4 games in advance!


Promo: Ten Ton Love My Mum
9pm daily from 15-18 March 2012
Where: SPECIALS tab > The Ten Ton Love My Mum rooms
Cards cost: 10p
£250 cash every day from Thu 15 – Sun 18 March.

888ladies – £456 Marathon of Love

 Don’t miss the action this Valentine’s weekend! Join in with our £456 Marathon of Love promotion & get a feel of our £69 & £180 jackpot games. Play every day from 10-14 Feb @ 9pm for just 1p!


Promo: £456 Marathon of Love
When: 9pm daily from 10-14 Feb 2012
Where: The £456 Marathon of Love rooms
Cards cost: 1p
Prize: £69 cash every day from Fri 10 – Mon 13 Feb, & £180 cash on Tue 14 Feb.

Don’t miss the action! If you’re eager to begin, visit the VALENTINES tab & pre-buy your penny cards for all 5 games today!

Kate Moss and Sadie Frost Love to play Bingo!

Sadie Frost has revealed that her and her best pal supermodel Kate Moss love nothing more than having a game of Bingo on a Saturday night!

Sadie Frost says her newly married pal Kate Moss has finally ‘grown up’. Revealing that Moss’s infamous partying days are now a thing of the past, Frost said:

‘On Saturdays, we cook lunch for our kids and hang out in the garden. I had a great time on Saturday night playing bingo at home with the children.’

If only they got themselves over to where on a Saturday evening they could win 10 x £1,000 bingo jackpots in the All Winners Playoff Games.

Are you like Sadie and Kate, do you like to play a game of Bingo on a Saturday evening?

Aaron is giving away $5 Lucky Love bonuses

$  5 Lucky Love bonus giveaway just for visiting our FanpageAhh, February.  For such a cold month I sure have been feeling the love from our wonderful community over at our Fanpage.  From sweet Valentines to proclamations of love for all things BingoPalace, you sure do know how to make your favorite bingo site and Community Manager feel special.

So I’d love to give to you a very special early Valentine’s gift with the hope that you will use it to win big by playing our exciting and profitable games.  We’re giving you a free $ 5 Lucky Love bonus, just for being your wonderful selves.  Oh, and there’s a little bit of fine print; here’s what you have to do to redeem this offer

– Head over to our Facebook Fanpage
– Post on our wall “Looking for my lucky love charm!” along with your alias
– Wait for a response with an address and instructions on how to redeem
– Log into to enjoy your lucky charm.

Important Reminder: In order to be eligible, you must have made at least one deposit within the last 90 days. Offer expires Friday (that’s the 18th) at 11:59 to redeem

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Important Info on the Lucky Love Charm Promo

Uh oh, I think I made the almighty Facebook upset. It seems that Facebook doesn’t take too kindly to those that send a lot of email in a short period of time. There I was sending the link to our players who participated in our Lucky Love Charm bonus promotion, when a message box popped up and told me that I was engaged in ‘suspicious behavior’ and that my ability to send any more email was suspended for an unknown period of time.

Well, it was back to the drawing board for our team as we had an emergency pow-wow to figure out how we can continue with our promise to bring you your well deserved $ 5 bonus.

So here’s what we’ve done:

We took down all the aliases of players who posted on our wall requesting the Lucky Love Charm bonus. All those that posted before 11:59PM EST yesterday, February 9th will be emailed very soon with instructions on how to claim your bonus. After this initial list of players have been contacted, we’ll send out daily emails by noon for the players that posted on our wall the previous day. Please note that we will be unable to send these emails over the weekend, so any claims that are made during this time will be honored on Monday before noon.

Other than that, we’re running full steam ahead with this promotion and I urge you to keep posting on our wall to take advantage of this incredible offer.

Lastly, while being a little red in the face, I’d like to say sorry for any confusion and mixup. All I can say is that we’re bound to make some mistakes here and there as we bring new and exciting ways to provide our players with the best online bingo experience.