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Big jackpot games at Gossip Bingo

Come along to Gossip Bingo this week and try out some of their awesome big jackpot games! Fame and Fortune is what you will get if you bag this huge game. This 75 Ball bingo is your change to scoop an enormous £1m! You can even pre-buy your bingo cards for just 30p each. The game has a £2,000 guaranteed prize and plays on the last Friday of every month at 8.30pm, is this Friday going to be your lucky day?!

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£15,000 Jingle Bell jackpot at Gossip bingo

Santa has been very busy along at Gossip bingo this month. There is a fantastic festive £15,000 Jingle Bell jackpot up for grabs and you can even get free tickets! Every single player has the chance to win free tickets for this awesome game, just check out the site for full details. If your not a lucky free ticket winner you can also buy tickets for just £1 each.

There’s Double jackpot Chatterbox fun this week with an amazing Christmas Hamper worth £200. With every 10p ticket you buy for this game you will also receive an entry into a draw to win 2 free Jingle Bell jackpot tickets. The Chatterbox game takes place on Friday at 8pm, dont be late!

Plus to celebrate the Jingle Bell jackpot game Gossip bingo are offering £50 cash to the player who wagers the most on the Sands of Fortune slots game, so if you love your slots games, then give this a spin, you never know your luck!

If your not yet a member of Gossip Bingo then your going to love their cash bonus generator. Make a first deposit of just £10 and win extra free cash by spinning their wheel. Plus when you make that first deposit you will also receive a massive 200% bonus. So deposit £10 receive another £20 then spin the wheel for even more free cash, you wheely cant go wrong!

Roomie Gossip

Your Mecca Moments

Have you missed out this week on catching up with your favourite Roomies? Well fear not I have had my ear to ground to find out what has been going on this week!

It seems that last weekend a few of our Roomies were a bit accident prone! XXXNANNYJANEXXX had her ankle strapped up because she fell off the kerb! GRANNYSAWINNER burnt her arm on the kettle and BEVTHREV fractured her ribs by falling onto a coffee table! I hope you are all feeling better now!

We were talking about what we would do if we won big at Mecca. Some of you said you would go on holiday, decorate your house and some said they would learn to drive. KANDASMUM was one of our 10K Winners last year and has bought a car and is now learning to drive! We wish you lots of luck and we hope you are on the road in no time! (can you just give us some advance warning??!!!)

BROWNEYEDCHRIS has been busy helping her daughter move back home. _ GOOD SHIFT XRESULTXFLASHED made us all chuckle because her 25 year old was trying to iron and couldn’t figure out how to put up the ironing board!

There are a lot of you out there that have wedding plans this year! RIVERSIDEBABE1 wedding is coming up and has been discussing the preparations with us all. X_LES_X has her anniversary in July and KAMONE has been married 36 years this year!

Thursday was the first day of our Mecca Moment calls. Did anyone receive a call? happypeter, thinkxpink2win, jodies_mum, ifatfirstudont, XwhoWONthatX, surley, Super46, 40__Four_O__40, xxtanglesxx, 4everamber, Bunty65, fudge45, MIHONEYxx, hayley15, bazlvsbev, Hippybaby, drakeface, win4linzplz, deno40, why_bobby, groovygrom, JacksGonzo, nazzer, namnar85, bothers, elocon are all the Mecca Moment Winners so far! There is still plenty of time left to join in the fun!

There was a lot of excitement about the weekend. It seemed you had plans! COCOLOCO13 had plans to visit her family. WEEMOLLYX had her kids visiting. PEGGYWILL is now sunning herself in Egypt!

DORBET is celebrating her sons 4th Birthday with a party. KEELYIZZY was celebrating her 29th Birthday. NINGY1 is looking forward to a children free weekend with her hubby. HAWKESEYEXXXX was excited about visiting her daughter’s new house. MANDY2905 was taking her grandson to Windsor Castle. TROUBLEDDDDDD was looking forward to her grandchild coming to stay.

LUCKYXPINKYANG was celebrating her birthday by going to the bingo with her hubby. There was also some talk about hangovers! XDEVILSISBACKX had not only a hangover but had been kept up til 3am with the kiddies. 64ZOOLANE is looking forward for Tuesday when her Hubby gets back from Afghanistan.

There was a lot of talk about cooking and baking this weekend. I spent Sunday evening baking cupcakes for the boys and girls at work. BECCABLAKE was cooking a roast for her hubby whilst he was out fishing. EYVONNE had to be careful this week as last week she burnt the dinner whilst playing bingo!

I think that is just about it…… Have a great week!