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Congratulations Vanessa!

Congratulations Vanessa, you are the winner of an annual family Merlin Pass! The school holidays will now be a breeze with free entry to some of the top attractions in the UK, including Alton Towers!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their suggestions for keeping the kids entertained during the holidays. There are some great ideas, so make sure you take a look if you’re stuck for things to do during the Easter break.

Vanessa suggested:

If the weather is dry i take the kids over the woods or park with a picnic, bats & balls and let them run around and explore, they love the fresh air and climbing on logs/trees etc, also take them to local stream with fishing nets they have lots of fun. If it’s wet i take them to the adventure playground which has pool/table tennis etc or stay home and play game or do cooking. All of the above is free!!!!

Whether you’re children are already on their holidays or are eagerly awaiting them next week, we hope you all have a fantastic time.

We’ve got a great review of all the activities and latest films available during the Easter holidays coming up on the blog, plus another competition next Monday, so we look forward to seeing you back here again.

Congratulations to our latest Mecca Moments winners!

Winners of our 10K Jackpots

DEBSXTURNXPLZX from Lancashire who loves playing bingo online won £10,147.5 on 12th October 2010, she had pre bought her tickets for the day so she wasn’t in the room when her big win came in. Her brother then called her to tell her the news as he was playing in the room at the time ( not surprisingly she thought this was him winding her up!).

When we spoke to DEBSXTURNXPLZX said she felt wonderful when she realised she had won this as she had never dreamed that she would win it and that she was glad that she did not see the ticket playing out as she could of given herself a asthma attack!!

She has no plans yet on how to spend the money but the cars need MOTs and the boiler needs fixing and more importantly she hopes to go on a holiday next year for a well deserved break!

XRAGS_2_RICHESX, who also plays in Clubs won £10,139.3 on 13th October 2010.

We spoke to XRAGS_2_RICHESX  after her win and amazingly she also pre- bought her ticket so the first time she knew she had won was when she saw her account balance the following morning, (how cool is that!).

XRAGS_2_RICHESX said ‘the first thing I did was to go straight to the room to check it was really real with the CM on duty, everyone in the room congratulated me, they were so nice. As soon as I was sure it was true, the first thing I did, I shouted the win out to my husband (he was sat opposite me!) we couldn’t believe we had won £10,000’

XRAGS_2_RICHESX then called her daughter who screamed down the phone at her! She wants to have a family holiday with three daughter and 5 grandkids and she also wants to pay off her debts.

A big congrtulations from all at Mecca!

Congratulations Rosie, you voted her your CM of the Month!


This month we were inundated with votes for Rosie. You told us that she is lots of fun, really chatty, is always welcoming and always polite. mummyof7cherubs was one of the roomies who voted for her this month, mummyof7cherubs was selected at random and won £20 just for casting her vote! We all know that Rosie likes to talk the hind legs off a donkey but is there anything you have been dying to ask her? Post your questions below and we will put them to Rosie to answer……

Win yourself £20!
Each month, we want you to tell us which one of our fantastic CMs has gone the extra mile towards giving you a brilliant time on the site. The CM with the most votes will win £50 of high street shopping vouchers with compliments from Mecca. Vote now

Congratulations to Mooshy!

Wow, what a huge turnout for the Introduce Your Friends promotion. I loved seeing all the new faces and can only hope that all newbies to the BingoPalace fan page will hang out and see for themselves what makes BingoPalace the best place to play online bingo.

Congratulations goes to Mooshy, who won our random draw and is the recipient of a very cool $ 50 prize! Wtg! Thanks goes to everyone for participating and allowing us to get to know your friends!