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Who Stole the Jackpot at Titan Bingo?

Although it’s just been launched, Titan Bingo is already making waves in the world of Bingo. Maybe it’s the attractive Welcome Offer or just the cute characters, but it’s clear that bingo fans are really digging the new Titan Bingo vibe.

To add to the excitement, the Who Stole the Jackpot promotion has also been kicked off. Players are challenged to “solve the mystery of the Stolen Jackpot” and every correct guess rewards a player with a raffle ticket for a grand prize of £1,000!

All you need to do is simply watch the animated video and look for clues to guess the identity of the jackpot thief. Register for a player account and enter the client or click Play Now. Then, click Bonus Codes, on the top left hand side of the menu bar. Than enter the name of the Bingo Bunch character who you suspect is the thief.