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Become a Moon Bingo Millionaire

Come along to Moon Bingo and grab yourself some tickets now to become a Moon Bingo Millionaire! The big game plays on the 3rd Thursday of the month @ 10pm, with £1,000 guaranteed and up to a million to be won! I can’t believe tickets are only 25p!

You can’t go wrong if you have your breakfast on Moon because their new Breakfast Club will go down a treat! All through February you can win some amazing prizes if you bingo on the breakfast patterns! Every Monday to Thursday in the Moonalicious 75 ball room simply be the one who bingo’s on the Bacon pattern at 8.30am or the Toast pattern at 9.30am.

Don’t miss out on the Mega Salary game either, with PayDay Bingo you can win up to £10,000 with a huge £2,000 guaranteed and because Moon are dedicated to bringing you amazing free bingo you simply have to give the Daily Dosh game a try. All you need to do to enter this free game is deposit at least £10 before the game starts. Its played at 11pm every day and can be found in the free bingo tab.

Become a Moon Bingo Millionaire

Moon bingo really knows how to splash the cash, you can pre-buy tickets now to become a Moon Bingo Millionaire! The game plays on the 3rd Thursday of every month @ 10pm, there’s £1,000 guaranteed and up to a million to be won! Tickets are only 25p each!

While your there make sure you grab a couple of tickets for the Mega Salary Payday Game! This is a massive £10,000 jackpot with a guaranteed £2,000 to be won, you will certainly be having a day off work if you scoop that little beauty!

Make sure you keep an eye on the promotions page too because during January Moon are giving away mooo-tastic daily bonuses with their January cash Cow! There’s 2 weeks of extra bonus codes to help you make the most of your money, and who could blame them when you see the amazing jackpot games tab in the lobby.

These include In For A Penny jackpot, available to pre-buy so you never miss out, this 90 ball game pays out a huge £400. Or the Prize Is Right game, there are one of four fabulous prizes given away every Tuesday at 9pm. You can win a Kindle, a digital camera, a DVD player or a 22″ LCD monitor for your computer! Don’t miss out and tickets are only 5p!

Moon Bingo Money Train

Grab your ticket for the Moon Bingo Money Train! This game is going to be one heck of a bingo ride, with £20,000 guaranteed up for grabs! The game plays on 3rd November and the pot is split as follows:

  • Full House Winner = £10,000
  • 2 Line Winner = £6,000
  • 1 Line Winner = £4,000

Tickets are only £1 each and can be pre-bought, so grab yours now and make sure you reserve your seat for the bingo ride of your life!

Check out Moon Bingo’s PayDay Bingo game, you can win up to £10,000 with a huge £2,000 guaranteed. The game plays on the last Friday of every month at 10pm and tickets are only 30p each.

Finally there’s the Prize is Right game, played Tuesdays at 9pm there are four amazing prizes up for grabs. You could win a Kindle, digital camera, DVD player or a 22″ LCD monitor for your computer! Don’t miss out on these fabulous prizes! Tickets are only 5p!

New members to Moon Bingo are offered a huge welcome bonus deal. Make a 1st deposit of £10 and Moon bingo will triple it and give you a massive £30 free.

Free tickets to the £20,000 ‘Money Train’ Jackpot at Moon Bingo

Get ready for Moon Bingo’s first class, FREE TICKET GUARANTEED £20,000 JACKPOT GAME!
Get on the Money Train now and claim your free tickets to win big!

For the best chance of winning the guaranteed £20,000 Money Train jackpot, claim your 12 FREE TICKETS before the game begins!

The Money Train jackpot has 3 guaranteed prizes:
A £10,000 full house prize, plus a £6,000 for 1 line plus £4,000 for 2 lines!

New players get a £30 FREE welcome bonus on your first tenner! Plus Free Bingo, 1p games, speed bingo, progressive jackpots and all your favourite Slots, Roulette and Scratch Cards with extra jackpots totaling £28,000!