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Lucky bingo games at BingoPalace this Friday the 13th weekend

Best bingo fun on Friday the 13thIt’s heeeeeeeeeeere!

Wow, another Friday the 13th.  I did some quick research (meaning I opened the calendar on my computer) and saw that the next time we’ll experience a Friday the 13th will be in January of 2012.  So, with this event being rather rare, up to three times per year, I conclude that this day is actually very lucky – so much that I’m comfortable taking unnecessary risks like skydiving and playing with lawn-darts.

But as for BingoPalace, I know that luck is going to shine down on all players as we serve up some pretty exciting online bingo action this weekend.

Make sure you’re at the Palace for our Fabulous Friday High Roller Special.  For our exclusive members, we’re starting the pots at $ 75 and also giving away a complimentary 4 cards when you purchase 8.


Take advantage of BingoPalace’s Mega-Bucks Lottery.  Huge cash prizes are available every Sunday to the players who have received tickets by making a minimum deposit of $ 75 during the previous week.  The more you deposit, the more chances you have on Sunday.  Best of luck to all participants.

Of course, there is still time for you to make your mark and win some designer jewellery for Mom.  Between you and me, the jewellery might not make its way to to Mom, and we’re fine with that, you have our vow of secrecy.  Just make sure to continue collecting your wins of the “Mother’s Day Diamond Pattern” to ensure that you’re in the running for this marvelous set.  Need more reason to participate?  We’re also going to give you a cool 5 cards free when you purchase 12 – enough to stack the odds in your (and Mom’s) favor.

Here’s wishing the best of luck to all players.  It’s a show down between us and Friday the 13th, let’s show this day who is boss by playing and winning at BingoPalace!

Happy Mother’s Day May Special

I hope that everyone had an incredible weekend and that all Moms out there enjoyed their special day.  It’s a day late, but I’ll say it anyway – Happy Mother’s Day!

We would like to continue with the celebration, based on the idea that Mother’s Day shouldn’t only be restricted to 24 hours.  That’s why our monthly promotion will be keeping Mom in mind all throughout the month of May with a chance to take home a designer jewellery set.

All you have to do to win this marvelous prize is to rack up your wins of the “Mother’s Day Diamond” pattern in the Quarters room.  Three successful players who have the most patterns won by May 31st will receive the grand prize of a jewellery set; complete with bracelet, necklace, and earrings.

Check out our Mother’s Day Special Monthly Promotion for more details on how you can win Mom (or yourself…we won’t tell) this wonderful prize!

Speaking of Mother’s Day, I’d love to know how your weekend went.  Did you do anything special for Mom, or were you the one that was pampered this weekend past.  Get in on the conversation over at our Facebook fan page!

Monday updates

Just a couple quick announcements as we begin our week at BingoPalace:

We’d all like to welcome CM Nancy to the team. Nancy has been over at our site and is a great addition to the team and we’re sure that all players are going to love her – we do! Welcome to, Nancy!

Other news over the weekend has to do with some great wins pulled by our roomies. A big highlight is “Comonred” winning an absolutely massive $ 10,682.43 jackpot on the Deuces and Joker’s video poker game. A huge congratulations to you, Comonred, we’d love to hear about your experience!

Many wins were celebrated as the fun continued throughout the Easter weekend such as:

We’ve Lost our Marbles Tourney Winners

  • Polywog 15bbs
  • bettyrose – 35bbs
  • yellow2redplz – 50bbs

Whammie: Friday 4-6pm

  • vaterry – 50 bbs
  • DYNGUS – 12.50bbs
  • Carter3 – 12.50bbs
  • mammaangel – 15 bbs

Easter Lilies Tourney

  • luckpays – 50bbs
  • fluffer1 – 25bbs
  • marinergirl_xox – 25bbs

222s with a Twist

  • deliveryxpressu – 100bbs
  • river505 – 75bbs
  • donna1978 – 50bbs

BingoPalace Rally Winner

  • vaterry – 100bbs

Way to go all winners! Hey, do you have a shout out or a testimonial that you’d like to share with BingoPalace? Head over to our Facebook fan page and write something on our wall – we’d love to hear from you!

Best of luck this week, roomies!

The dangers of playing online bingo

You would normally think that playing bingo is an extremely safe activity.  For the most part, I completely agree.  Except for the danger of jumping out one’s chair due to the thrill of a win, or perhaps sore vocal chords because of yelling at the computer to call that one last number; we’re talking about a relatively laid back and safe way to spend some leisure time.

Seeing how I’ve watched a Youtube clip that dealt with Health and Safety at the workplace, I’m a qualified expert* to recommend the following safety tips to make your bingo experience at BingoPalace less threatening to your health.

1.) Keep a spare pillow handy.

– One of the many ways that you can put yourself into danger is by getting carried away with the emotions involved in winning.  Having a pillow nearby will absorb most of the crazy joy that you’ll be screaming into it when you hit a jackpot, and is always willing to be be strangled when you’re one number short of winning a close game.  Plus, your computer will have more self esteem knowing that it’s the pillow you’re really yelling at.

2.) Move around every half hour

– Inactivity is being shown to be a looming threat to our health, and even life span.  Make sure that you move your body at least once every half hour.  Taking a walk around the room will do the trick as well as generate some static bingo energy that you will relay to the internet when you sit back down for more BingoPalace action.

3.) Always have another set of eye glasses available

– No one likes to squint.  It can cause wrinkles and damage your eyes if you are constantly straining to see.  Make sure that when you read about an incredible promotion or win at BingoPalace you do not try to make sure you’re reading correctly by moving closer to the screen or squinting.  Instead, try the secondary set of glasses to see that we deliver the best offerings in online bingo!

I hope that I’ve made a difference and I’ve enlightened at least one person as to some of the dangers of online bingo.  Do you have any more safety advice that we should keep in mind?  I’d be happy to hear it on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

The Ultimate Bingo Food

Playing online bingo at BingoPalace is the ultimate in comfort.  While we laugh and enjoy the friendship of our fellow roomies, we have the luxury of being able to win real prizes all while in the comfort of our own homes.  Dress up or dress down, it’s all about grabbing your lucky charm and taking a break with a relaxing game of bingo.

But mankind cannot exist on bingo alone (we’ve tried).  Nay!  To fuel the excitement that we all feel when playing for a huge jackpot or to keep us going to the wee hours of the morning we all need some sort of sustenance.  While the quick snack will keep the stomach growling at bay for a short time, there are times where we need that perfect morsel to fully satisfy our inner beast.


So I begin my quest for the ultimate bingo food.  The recipe in your arsenal that your family requests weekly, the food that you take as much time eating it as you did to make, the best meal that automatically puts a smile on your face; I’d love for you to share.  Let me hear and hopefully try your recipes as I explore the culinary arts and truly discover what would be the best item to prepare for a bingo session at

So share your recipe, your hallmark of edible beauty so that we can all delight in what I like to call “Bon appetit bingo”.  Let’s hear it in the comments below or over on our Facebook fan page.

Warmer springtime days are here, right?

Greetings all!

I know that there is about 71 days until the start of summer begins, but did anyone experience a little taste of it over the weekend?  I thought it was the strangest thing to wake up yesterday morning to see people walking around outside in shorts and tshirts.  Living in the state of Michigan, we don’t see weather like this for at least another month.

It was amazing though, being outside cleaning up the yard and actually breaking into a sweat.  I  had to take a couple breaks and relish in the sunshine.  As all the windows in the house were fully opened to cool things down indoors, I said to myself “I’ve underestimated your sneakiness, summer!”

Speaking of heating up, take a look at our promotions page to get things rolling this week.  Our April Special promotion is in full swing and the seats for our EGG-tavaganza event are there for the taking.  Receive more bonus this Tuesday by earning an incredibly delicious 200% on your deposits.  Come and join us this Thursday for our weekly High Roller 4 pack tournament.  Excitement is abound this week at the Palace!

Did you receive a heat blast over the weekend?  Is it safe to say that the cold weather is behind us at last?

Happy Belated April Fools’ Day

Hi all!  I hope everyone had a fun April Fools’ Day and a great Friday overall.  Just to be 100% clear, the post yesterday claiming we had a winner for our blog naming contest was purely a jest and all in good fun.

Truth is, there isn’t a contest for naming the blog, we have not decided on what it should be named, and the player “Loof_Lirpa” (April_Fool) does not exist nor received a prize of fertilizer (animal or other) and grass seed.

Hope I didn’t get anyone too badly this year.

Have a great weekend!!!

Name our blog winner!

Great news for readers of the blog and the community in general.

As you know, I had requested of the BingoPalace community to help with making this platform more personal by coming up with a name for our blog. There were many suggestions that came to us by email as well as the Facebook fan page. Of all the entries, one title stood alone as the best suggested name.

It is my honor to wish congratulations to player “Loof_Lirpa” on his/her blog name suggestion. From now on, the blog will be named:

“Dilly’s Magical Adventure Blog Featuring BingoPalace Players and Starring Aaron”

I think it has a nice ring to it!

To thank this player, “Loof_Lirpa” will be sent a very generous prize package containing $ 100 worth of fertilizer and grass seed. Great work, Loof!

As the prospect of warmer months is ahead, I’d like to wish everyone a happy April! Have a great weekend everyone!

April Fools’ Day is Coming

In just four short days, we will be running into the day of the year where thousands of wives announce pregnancies, millions of the employed proclaim they’ve been fired, and a trillion children’s gags will all be heard with the same punch line:  “April Fool!”

Yes, that often-forgotten-about-until-the-day-of informal holiday, April Fools’ Day is just around the corner.   Besides this being the day which most of us think, “April finally/already?”, we also find ourselves the marks of public trickery and silliness.

So garb yourself with armor of rationalization and arm yourself with a sharpened spear of logic as we take a look at some noteworthy (at times, nerdworthy) April Fools’ Day pranks to give you some idea of what we’ll be up against in less than 84 hours.


The Left-Handed Whopper

Back in 1998, Burger King trolled the world by advertising the new “Left-Handed Whopper” in a full-page ad in USA Today.  Claiming that this new burger would cater to the niche of millions of left-handed customers by rotating all condiments 180°, Burger King had successfully completed what all pranks like this are supposed to achieve: to get at least one person to believe the story.  And people did believe; southpaws and right-handeds alike started asking for their non-ambidextrous sandwiches.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

In an amazing display of accidental success from an unexpected idea, techie toy and gadget online store, had thousands of visitors clambering to buy what was meant to be a joke item.  The Tauntaun Sleeping bag, a sleeping bag fashioned to resemble a beast in Star Wars, was an immediate ‘must-have’ item for their audience.  Just how great was demand?  Enough customers stated their interest in buying the joke sleeping bag that has introduced it as a real item.  Check out the Youtube video to see it’s greatness!

Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune

These two Merv Griffon productions have had their share of April Fools’ Day fun.  The fun started in 197 when Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak switched their roles and hosted the opposite respective gameshows.  Then again in 2008, both hosts pranked their audiences – this time with Pat Sajak wearing a wig and baldcap, and Alex Trebek wearing a false mustache.  Last years’ fun continued with many small changes in the show and general silliness of the productions.  Be sure to watch these shows this year, as I’m putting my money on their being some further April Fools’ Fun.

Do you remember any remarkable, funny, or memorable April Fools’ Day pranks?  I’d love to hear about it –  join us over at our Facebook fan page and add to the fun by sharing your stories!

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New site design launch is a go for Tuesday

I admit, it has been a long time since I first made this announcement on our blog and updated Facebook with the exciting new screens to showcase…but we’re going to be seeing our new BingoPalace site design sooner rather than later.

Just how soon?  We’re aiming for a launch of this sleeker design the morning of Tuesday, March 29th.  Just to clarify and reassure all players that this is purely a site redesign that will last approximately 30 minutes to an hour.  The games we offer, our chat rooms, CMs, promotions and policies and everything else you love will stay the same.  What is changing at is that the site will be easier to navigate by featuring an intuitive page design and greater visibility of promotions, winners, and other goodies.

Please take note: may have some small issues while this launch is happening.  We hope to have everything up and running smoothly as quickly as we can.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our blog and through Facebook.  For real time updates, check out our Twitter page to follow along.

Everyone at BingoPalace and myself would like to thank you for your patience during this launch.  We know you’ll continue to enjoy what has to offer, and we’re excited about providing you with these positive changes to our site!