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Launch of 123bingo Social‏

As one of the popular bingo brands of the world, 123bingo has launched key social features on its award winning site 123Bingoonline.

Operational since 2004, 123BingoOnline management is celebrating ‘A decade of Bingo’ this year. It has rolled out site enhancements and developments in an ambitious bid to provide fantastic social platform, direct services and achieve higher level of engagement with bingo players with creative and interactive features. As a manager of this site, we are very proud to announce 123BingoOnline has added over a half a dozen of “social” features. Such add on features is expected to increase player’s activity exponentially.

Each member has a customized ‘Wall’ and he/she can add more information about themselves.

Players can now add their photos, reveal their horoscope/sun-sign, announce their favorite colors, games or a lucky day in particular. They can talk/or not about marital statuses, tell the world about their pet, can share hobbies, any Lucky Numbers which they may have and more.

To increase the local connects, 123Bingo players will be now able to invite, search (dropdown of alias names, email addresses or city/town) and eventually add their friends to play bingo online.

– Players can now boast their wins at the world’s biggest gaming & social networking platform-Facebook, real time.

Bingo at Bugarach!

Bugarach is surrounded by legendry stories for centuries and has always been a topic of interest among the Apocalypse believers. Several rumors have been circulating around in the world that the mountains in this legendry village has doors that lead to the other worlds. And from these doors, the extraterrestrials will return here on the Judgment Day on December 12, 2012 to take refuge at their base.

The residents of this small village in the southern France have always been the witness to the increasing percentage of the people who strongly believe in the fact that this is the only place that can and will survive the Judgment Day.

And that’s why, coming Doomsday on the December 12, 2012, a large population of population of the doomsday supporters is expected to assemble in this little hamlet of France. So much so, that Jean-Pierre Delord, the mayor of this village has decided to take the help of the army to control the mustering crowds on doomsday.

Well, I don’t whether that’s true or not but I won’t mind a vacation in this beautiful village of France unless I can get an access to the internet their so that I can play bingo! Because I would rather die playing bingo than living without playing bingo! But with flash online bingo games available everywhere on the world wide web I can play bingo wherever I go!

Water Workout & Bingo Workout.

Water workout is the latest fad that has taken the world of fitness by storms! It’s about working out in water. Do whatever you want, right from the full-of-life aqua aerobic sessions to walking on the underwater treadmills and weights, but do it all in the water. Since water supports up to 85 percent of your body weight so, the water workout minimizes the impact on your joints. The number of calories you burn with this water workout depends upon the the depth of the water because the deeper you workout in water, the higher the calories you burn as you will need to force your body and muscles through the weight of water. The fitness experts say that a half an hour workout in the water can help you burn 200 calories.

Well, I must that’s say a fun filled way of working out your bodies just as bingo is the fun filled way of working out your brains. According to a research, bingo is the most entertaining way of strengthening your brain muscles as while you play bingo your brain not just concentrates in listening to the bingo numbers being called out, but it also responds quickly in matching the numbers on your bingo cards before the next number is called out.

With online bingo, you can always take your laptop to the beach where you can workout to keep your body fit while you workout in water and then later you can keep your brain strong while you workout workout while you play bingo rooms in the serenity and beauty of the beach.

So, What’s Your Lucky Charm?

All your favorite stars and celebrities are carrying their good-luck charms along to charm the lady luck and to stock their stores with the loads of fame and fortune. Some of these charms are weird and some are expensive…but who cares as long as they keep bringing them a fortune-filled life. Here are some of your celebrities with some of their good-luck charms…

  • Cameron Diaz was gifted a chain saying that it prevents aging and so she keeps this chain with her always! Well, now we know the secret behind her never-dying youth and charm.

  • Shamrocks have always believed to have brought good-luck! Even the beautiful supermodel, actress and fashion designer, Heidi Klum is obsessed with this belief about shamrocks! So much so, that her entire jewelry is designed based on the shamrock motifs.

  • Walking under the ladder is generally considered a bad omen. But our batman star, Christian Bale doesn’t let go any chance of walking under a ladder to bring himself a good-luck.

  • And the Scottish superstar, James McAvoy says “white rabbit” to the very first person he meets on the very first day of every month to secure is fame and fortune for the entire month. Saying “white rabbit” is a common custom in England to bring good-luck to oneself.

  • The famed British footballer David Beckham never plays without wearing an Armani underwear and without sporting a new pair of shoes for every match! Well only celebrities like Beckham can afford the good luck charms like these.

So, while your stars are busy buttering up the lady luck with their good luck charms… are you ready with your lucky charm to get lucky and win back to back bingo and slot tourneys featured on 123bingoonline?

Get Creative With Monthly Bingo Promotions

You can’t satisfy the present generation with the similar gaming patterns, similar bingo games and similar offers. They are fast and they want to see things change fast. That’s why they are always looking for some new and out-of-this-world offers.

So, if you want to attract today’s generation, you got to come up with some creative ideas and offer something new. That definitely calls for more concentrating efforts and hence more creative offers on the part of the online bingo providers.

The monthly bingo promotions are a big fad these days and that’s why great online bingo portals like, 123bingoonline do everything to over-loaded their sites with attractive bingo promotions that they update on the daily, weekly and monthly basis.

As the month changes from June to July and from July to August, the promotional banners on the homepage of 123bingoonline change bringing new and exciting offers everyday. There’s no festival or event that goes uncelebrated. On Christmas, the bingo rooms are decked up with jingle bells and special Christmas offers. Similarly, there’s something for all the occasions, be it Halloween, New Years, Valentines, St. Patrick’s, Easter and the list goes on and on and on…

So, if you are young and if you love trying out new things, I am sure you’ll enjoying playing on 123bingoonline!

Online Chat Rooms…The Biggest Platform to Socialize!

I believe that the social element in the land-establishments of the bingo halls is not so strong as it looks.

People do gather in the land-based bingo halls to socialize and play bingo games! But I think the players are not able to talk and socialize so freely in the brick and mortar bingo halls because here the bingo cards are marked manually. So, they are more busy in concentrating in listening to the bingo numbers called out to match and mark them on their cards.

They all know that missing out even a number can spoil the whole game! So, the fear of getting distracted by talking to others and missing out the bingo numbers keeps them away from socializing with others. And by the time the bingo game is over, the players are in a hurry to rush back to their homes.

Then came online bingo with which the social platform became livelier and wider! On online bingo your cards are marked automatically by an auto dauber thus liberating you from the hassle of concentrating and marking the numbers on your cards. Instead on online bingo while your cards are being automatically marked, you can freely chat and communicate with the bingo players coming from all around the world.

So, if you want to be the part of this extensive social network of bingo players, come join the chat rooms on 123bingoonline and enjoy socializing with people coming from different religions and various regions of the world. Plus, you won’t be able to resist the engrossing chat games hosted by the lively chat hosts of 123bingoonline. Have fun!

A Facebook Birthday Party All Messed-up in Germany!

Have you heard about the biggest birthday party or rather I would say the biggest birthday mess in Germany recently. It was because a teenage girl named Thessa forgot to make her birthday invitation private thus ending up making it public and inviting over 1, 500 guests.

When Thessa’s parents got to know about this, they canceled the birthday party, called the police and hired a private security service too. But nothing could stop these party animals to party hard and celebrate Thessa’s birthday with the home-made cakes, birthday presents and lots of booze.

But it was an utter disappointment for these guests when they found out that the birthday girl has went underground. And as for Thessa, she ended up celebrating her birthday with her grandparents at some unrevealed location.

Huh!! What a mess!! And what a disappointment! Well, why don’t you consider celebrating your birthday in the bingo rooms on 123bingoonline. With our big bingo community you would not only enjoy the thrill of celebrating your birthday with bingo players coming from all across the world but with the broad range of birthday special chat games your guest wouldn’t be disappointment either!

Loneliness Bites? Then Play Bingo!

Are you alone? And is this loneliness biting you? Well, then let me help you beat this loneliness by keeping yourself busy and that too without even stepping out of your house.

Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to pick up a book and start reading till you fall asleep, neither I would ask you to pick up a paint brush and start painting till you mess up everything.

Rather, I am gonna just ask you to play bingo online. It’s easy, it’s entertaining and it’s rewarding! All packed in one, this game also brings you the chance to socialize with the other bingo players thus killing your loneliness right away.

The chat rooms on the bingo sites can readily accommodate people coming from all the corners of the world thus giving you a chance to befriend people belonging to different regions, different religions and different cultures. This variance that online bingo brings on one platform is what that makes it all the more exciting.

There’s a lot to do in these online bingo rooms right from playing bingo games and winning jackpots to playing chat games and socializing with others.

So, when the loneliness bites, you exactly know what to do! Just sign up with good bingo brand like, 123bingoonline and start playing bingo online.

Back With Bingo in the Barlow’s Bingo Sessions!

See who loves bingo? Your much loved star Gary Barlow loves hosting bingo sessions. While he enjoyed entertaining everyone on the Take That tour with his special bingo sessions, the other members in the British group including Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Jason Orange enjoyed playing this world famous game.

On this occasion, this 40 year old singer revealed that before he began his journey as a singer with the band in the early 90’s, he 123 Bingoed to be a bingo caller. Before this fame found him, he 123 Bingoed to organize bingo games in the bingo halls. In fact, he also revealed that he started his career by singing at the local bingo halls when he was very young.

And since then this world famous singer is so much in love with this world famous game. So much so that now Barlow brings his bingo balls out once again as he entertains the members of the Take That tour where he is the in charge of the bingo balls while others play bingo in the Barlow’s style as he says, “Robbie’s overweight, twenty eight”.

Passionate about bingo, Gary even carries his own bingo kit along which includes a bingo machine, bingo cards and daubers.

So, while the members of the Take That tour enjoy the Barlow’s bingo sessions, you can take a tour of the vibrant bingo rooms on 123 bingo online to win great prizes and earn big bonuses!

Make Money on Bingo-biz!

That’s right! After showbiz, bingo-biz is the biggest platform to make money! Earning and winning money alike on online bingo, the bingo providers and bingo players respectively are going ga-ga over the massive online bingo platform.

Bingo providers still might have to invest a great deal of money in establishing a good online bingo firm to finally earn some profits. But the bingo players can get easy money simply by playing bingo…and you might not even have to play bingo at time to earn profits on online bingo.

That’s because there’s money for everything on good bingo sites like 123bingoonline! From signing up to referring a friend, there’s a bonus of everything. Find out…

  • Fill up a registration form and sign up with 123bingonline to get your first sign up bonus worth $ 25 right away without making any deposit.

  • Then earn a 300% initial deposit bonus on your first deposit.

  • Later on, you earn a regular deposit bonus every time you make a deposit on 123bingoonline.

  • Once you begin with the bingo buzz and want to get your friends to join you in this unlimited bingo bash, you can refer them 123bingoonline and earn a referral bonus too.

And after all this, not to mention the burly bonus treats that you can earn on monthly promotional offers and countless bonus bucks that you can win on chat games everyday.