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Bingo providers still might have to invest a great deal of money in establishing a good online bingo firm to finally earn some profits. But the bingo players can get easy money simply by playing bingo…and you might not even have to play bingo at time to earn profits on online bingo.

That’s because there’s money for everything on good bingo sites like 123bingoonline! From signing up to referring a friend, there’s a bonus of everything. Find out…

  • Fill up a registration form and sign up with 123bingonline to get your first sign up bonus worth $ 25 right away without making any deposit.

  • Then earn a 300% initial deposit bonus on your first deposit.

  • Later on, you earn a regular deposit bonus every time you make a deposit on 123bingoonline.

  • Once you begin with the bingo buzz and want to get your friends to join you in this unlimited bingo bash, you can refer them 123bingoonline and earn a referral bonus too.

And after all this, not to mention the burly bonus treats that you can earn on monthly promotional offers and countless bonus bucks that you can win on chat games everyday.

Want to be a star?

Who doesn’t? We’ll we’re giving you the chance to not only be a star but win £5,000 in the process and a year’s contract with Stagepalm Entertainments in Mecca’s Got Talent.

We are looking for a range of talents. Can you sing, dance or do the best magic tricks? If so, all you have to do is record your act on your phone or with a camcorder and then visit the Mecca Bingo Facebook fan page where you can enter the competition and upload your video.

Find out more – we’d love you to take part!

Free Bingo… A Perk on Online Bingo!

The best things in life are there for free and so does bingo! Almost all bingo sites offer an assorted range of free bingo games to cater the needs of those players who wish to gamble without putting at stake their hard earned cash.

And trust me the craze for the free bingo games is increasing with every passing day. In fact according to a survey there are more than 3.2 million players who like to play free bingo games online. The key reasons behind this ever growing passion for the free bingo games are many.

Besides, an ideal introduction of the online world of bingo for the newcomers, while playing on the free bingo games, you can grab the virtual thrill of bingo without spending a single dollar. You can purchase as many bingo cards as you want without making any real money deposit.

You can also earn some decent rewards by playing on unique and interesting free bingo chat games hosted by the chat monitors in the chat rooms and win some lovely bonuses too.

So, dig out a decent online bingo site, register and bingo for free without leaving the comfort of your house.


 WTGGG LuckyChris!!! She grabbed the Jackpot for Friday the 13th worth $ 568.63! WOOHOO!

Lucky bingo games at BingoPalace this Friday the 13th weekend

Best bingo fun on Friday the 13thIt’s heeeeeeeeeeere!

Wow, another Friday the 13th.  I did some quick research (meaning I opened the calendar on my computer) and saw that the next time we’ll experience a Friday the 13th will be in January of 2012.  So, with this event being rather rare, up to three times per year, I conclude that this day is actually very lucky – so much that I’m comfortable taking unnecessary risks like skydiving and playing with lawn-darts.

But as for BingoPalace, I know that luck is going to shine down on all players as we serve up some pretty exciting online bingo action this weekend.

Make sure you’re at the Palace for our Fabulous Friday High Roller Special.  For our exclusive members, we’re starting the pots at $ 75 and also giving away a complimentary 4 cards when you purchase 8.


Take advantage of BingoPalace’s Mega-Bucks Lottery.  Huge cash prizes are available every Sunday to the players who have received tickets by making a minimum deposit of $ 75 during the previous week.  The more you deposit, the more chances you have on Sunday.  Best of luck to all participants.

Of course, there is still time for you to make your mark and win some designer jewellery for Mom.  Between you and me, the jewellery might not make its way to to Mom, and we’re fine with that, you have our vow of secrecy.  Just make sure to continue collecting your wins of the “Mother’s Day Diamond Pattern” to ensure that you’re in the running for this marvelous set.  Need more reason to participate?  We’re also going to give you a cool 5 cards free when you purchase 12 – enough to stack the odds in your (and Mom’s) favor.

Here’s wishing the best of luck to all players.  It’s a show down between us and Friday the 13th, let’s show this day who is boss by playing and winning at BingoPalace!


We had a spring-tacular Wednesday with many ca$ h $ howers! Below are the 12 lucky winners!

 SUELING12 WON $ 124.55!!!

 ANNIE4413 WON $ 107.84!!!

 INCREDABBLE WON $ 127.93!!!!

 JEWELS323 WON $ 128.05!!!

 JOJO853 WON $ 109.48!!!

 JENWOW WON $ 126.13!!!

 MSSUGAR WON $ 129.28!!!

 EBONYJET WON $ 120.69!!!

 REDTLEAF WON $ 126.88!!!

 DF38 WON $ 126.85!!!

 MSNIKKIP WON $ 101.38!!!

 EROS2128 WON $ 130.30!!!



We had our fun ca$ h $ hower tourney on Thursday evening! It was a close game until the end! Here are the official winners that got $ howered with ca$ h!

 ddswans01 with 14 points our winner $ 250.00 CA$ H!!!

Consolation prizes…

 LuckyChris with 12 points WON $ 20.00 CA$ H!!!

 finance22 with 10 points WON $ 20.00 CA$ H!!!!

 ebonyjet with 9 points WON $ 20.00 CA$ H!!!!

   Well done winners!!!   

Don’t Miss the Saturday Night Bingo Special?

We work like a horse the whole week because we know that this Saturday night is gonna be fun! Saturday nights are precious to everyone and in this one night all of 123 Bingo desire to do all that we couldn’t do the entire week. That’s why Saturdays are special everywhere we go, be it clubs or movie halls.

Well, Saturday nights are special on online bingo too because we know that there are some bingo enthusiasts who couldn’t play bingo all week because of the work-load. So, every bingo site hosts special events for their bingo players over the weekends.

If you are a bingo enthusiast and you haven’t been able to get your hands on bingo all this week, then I am sure that you would have bingo plans for this Saturday night. But suddenly an important work popped up to spoil your Saturday night? Well, if you are playing on 123bingoonline, you don’t have to worry because they won’t let you miss out on the Saturday Specials with their option to pre-buy cards. To pre-buy cards, sign up (Obviously!) and go to the pre-order cards section. Once there,

  • Select the date and time for which you would like to pre-order cards.

  • Select the bingo type by clicking on the 75-ball or 90-ball bingo options.

  • Select the room from the drop-down menu in which you want to play.

  • Select the game for which you want to pre-order cards from the list of games.

  • Once all the selections are done, type in the number of cards you wish to purchase for the selected game in the box under the order cards column.

  • Then simply click order to purchase the cards.

Now, relax as your cards will be automatically played while you are away finishing your important work. If you win, your winnings will be credited to your bingo account as well!

Happy Mother’s Day May Special

I hope that everyone had an incredible weekend and that all Moms out there enjoyed their special day.  It’s a day late, but I’ll say it anyway – Happy Mother’s Day!

We would like to continue with the celebration, based on the idea that Mother’s Day shouldn’t only be restricted to 24 hours.  That’s why our monthly promotion will be keeping Mom in mind all throughout the month of May with a chance to take home a designer jewellery set.

All you have to do to win this marvelous prize is to rack up your wins of the “Mother’s Day Diamond” pattern in the Quarters room.  Three successful players who have the most patterns won by May 31st will receive the grand prize of a jewellery set; complete with bracelet, necklace, and earrings.

Check out our Mother’s Day Special Monthly Promotion for more details on how you can win Mom (or yourself…we won’t tell) this wonderful prize!

Speaking of Mother’s Day, I’d love to know how your weekend went.  Did you do anything special for Mom, or were you the one that was pampered this weekend past.  Get in on the conversation over at our Facebook fan page!


Ahhh mums! The things they do for us! We showed them some appreciation last night in a very fun 4-hour session! We had our raffle and here are the winners!