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Also in our Royal Bingo Ceremony we had our EASY TO HIT PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS! Here are the dukes and duchesses that won:

 DEALERCHICK12 WON $ 80.35!!!

VIKSTER WON $ 74.81!!!

BARBALEX WON $ 87.67!!!

LOLAG WON $ 77.81!!!

JESS927 WON $ 83.21!!!

HARBORLIGHTS23 WON $ 100.33!!!

TIARASMOM WON $ 116.13!!!

REDHEAD WON $ 120.99!!!

NANAHICKS1 $ 113.98!!!

LILFOXI WON $ 122.43!!!


Learn How to Play Bingo Games

It doesn’t really matter which bingo game you like to play! Because whether it’s 70-ball or it’s 90-ball the level of entertainment on all the bingo games remains the same. But for an ideal bingo thrill make sure you spend some time in learning how to play bingo games. So, let’s start from scratch…

Bingo is an exciting number game which is played with 90 or 75 numbers. To begin with you need to purchase bingo cards with some numbers printed on them. Every bingo game has different types of bingo cards. For instance, in 75 ball bingo there is a 5X5 bingo card with 24 numbers and one free space on it. Whereas on the other hand, in the 90 ball bingo game, a bingo card has three rows and nine columns with 15 numbers and 12 free spaces on it.

Purchased the bingo card? Now get ready with your favorite dauber to mark the numbers on your card as they are called out. The moment you strike off all the numbers on your bingo card to achieve a designated pattern, shout ‘BINGO’ and get your reward.

Know how to play bingo? Now switch on your computer and sign up with a reputed bingo brand like, 123bingoonline and practically learn how to play bingo games free of cost in the free bingo rooms.

Monday updates

Just a couple quick announcements as we begin our week at BingoPalace:

We’d all like to welcome CM Nancy to the team. Nancy has been over at our site and is a great addition to the team and we’re sure that all players are going to love her – we do! Welcome to, Nancy!

Other news over the weekend has to do with some great wins pulled by our roomies. A big highlight is “Comonred” winning an absolutely massive $ 10,682.43 jackpot on the Deuces and Joker’s video poker game. A huge congratulations to you, Comonred, we’d love to hear about your experience!

Many wins were celebrated as the fun continued throughout the Easter weekend such as:

We’ve Lost our Marbles Tourney Winners

  • Polywog 15bbs
  • bettyrose – 35bbs
  • yellow2redplz – 50bbs

Whammie: Friday 4-6pm

  • vaterry – 50 bbs
  • DYNGUS – 12.50bbs
  • Carter3 – 12.50bbs
  • mammaangel – 15 bbs

Easter Lilies Tourney

  • luckpays – 50bbs
  • fluffer1 – 25bbs
  • marinergirl_xox – 25bbs

222s with a Twist

  • deliveryxpressu – 100bbs
  • river505 – 75bbs
  • donna1978 – 50bbs

BingoPalace Rally Winner

  • vaterry – 100bbs

Way to go all winners! Hey, do you have a shout out or a testimonial that you’d like to share with BingoPalace? Head over to our Facebook fan page and write something on our wall – we’d love to hear from you!

Best of luck this week, roomies!

Game for Free bingo games?

I must say that the online bingo is quiet swift in keeping pace with increasing demand for bingo by introducing exciting free bingo games every now and then. Free bingo games bring home a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy playing bingo without spending any real money.

Being an ideal source of entertainment free bingo games lets you play bingo for sheer pastime with no intention of making real money. Plus, for those who are new to the world of bingo free bingo games provide a good understanding of the game without losing out on any real cash.

The renowned bingo sites also host free bingo games including, Block of 5, Alphabet Bingo, Add ‘em up, Grunion Run etc in the chat rooms. It is fun to play free bingo games and at the same time interact with the bingo players from the diverse communities from all over the world. The registered players can play these free bingo games hosted by the chat hosts in the bingo chat rooms featured on the bingo sites. If you win, you are also rewarded with generous bingo bingo bonuses.

So, play the free bingo games for an deal free fun only on online bingo!!


Eggs-cellent jackpots room was back tonight and we had some eggs-cited happy bunnies that won! Here is the list:

 SHERRYFREE WON $ 111.20!!!

GANANCY48 WON $ 111.80!!!

 BENGALLADY WON $ 110.00!!!

 WILDNWITCHY WON $ 109.80!!!

 KAZ50 WON $ 110.40!!!


The dangers of playing online bingo

You would normally think that playing bingo is an extremely safe activity.  For the most part, I completely agree.  Except for the danger of jumping out one’s chair due to the thrill of a win, or perhaps sore vocal chords because of yelling at the computer to call that one last number; we’re talking about a relatively laid back and safe way to spend some leisure time.

Seeing how I’ve watched a Youtube clip that dealt with Health and Safety at the workplace, I’m a qualified expert* to recommend the following safety tips to make your bingo experience at BingoPalace less threatening to your health.

1.) Keep a spare pillow handy.

– One of the many ways that you can put yourself into danger is by getting carried away with the emotions involved in winning.  Having a pillow nearby will absorb most of the crazy joy that you’ll be screaming into it when you hit a jackpot, and is always willing to be be strangled when you’re one number short of winning a close game.  Plus, your computer will have more self esteem knowing that it’s the pillow you’re really yelling at.

2.) Move around every half hour

– Inactivity is being shown to be a looming threat to our health, and even life span.  Make sure that you move your body at least once every half hour.  Taking a walk around the room will do the trick as well as generate some static bingo energy that you will relay to the internet when you sit back down for more BingoPalace action.

3.) Always have another set of eye glasses available

– No one likes to squint.  It can cause wrinkles and damage your eyes if you are constantly straining to see.  Make sure that when you read about an incredible promotion or win at BingoPalace you do not try to make sure you’re reading correctly by moving closer to the screen or squinting.  Instead, try the secondary set of glasses to see that we deliver the best offerings in online bingo!

I hope that I’ve made a difference and I’ve enlightened at least one person as to some of the dangers of online bingo.  Do you have any more safety advice that we should keep in mind?  I’d be happy to hear it on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

Titanic Room JP Winner!

Wow what a nite it was in the titanic room! We had so much fun and 2 big winners! LUCKYMOM AND IPGIRL WON $ 500.00 were saved and they shared a $ 500.00 TITANIC JP! Congratulations!

The Ultimate Bingo Food

Playing online bingo at BingoPalace is the ultimate in comfort.  While we laugh and enjoy the friendship of our fellow roomies, we have the luxury of being able to win real prizes all while in the comfort of our own homes.  Dress up or dress down, it’s all about grabbing your lucky charm and taking a break with a relaxing game of bingo.

But mankind cannot exist on bingo alone (we’ve tried).  Nay!  To fuel the excitement that we all feel when playing for a huge jackpot or to keep us going to the wee hours of the morning we all need some sort of sustenance.  While the quick snack will keep the stomach growling at bay for a short time, there are times where we need that perfect morsel to fully satisfy our inner beast.


So I begin my quest for the ultimate bingo food.  The recipe in your arsenal that your family requests weekly, the food that you take as much time eating it as you did to make, the best meal that automatically puts a smile on your face; I’d love for you to share.  Let me hear and hopefully try your recipes as I explore the culinary arts and truly discover what would be the best item to prepare for a bingo session at

So share your recipe, your hallmark of edible beauty so that we can all delight in what I like to call “Bon appetit bingo”.  Let’s hear it in the comments below or over on our Facebook fan page.

Online Bingo Rules the World Wide Web!

With the advancement in computer mechanism many new and high tech online games are introduced every month. But even this new range of online games has not been able to match up with the craze and popularity of bingo games. Whatever may bingo games are and will always remain the master of all the games online because of its simplicity and entertaining attributes.

After the days hard work people prefer the game to be very simple as they obviously won’t like to tax their brains in trying to understanding the stringent rules. And so, they prefer the easy-to-understand and simple-to-play games like bingo.

Usually players look for interactive games online so that they can play and at the same time interact with their friends too. And bingo games are without doubt the most social and interactive of all the games available online. There are several closed and large bingo communities available online wherein you can chat and play bingo games with your friends and relatives.

Plus, bingo sites offer hundreds of small and interesting side games to spice up your bingo fun. So, even if you get bored playing the traditional bingo games, you can move to other variations of bingo like, slingo and other speed bingo games.

And after all this if you still have doubts about why bingo games rule the online gaming world, then get online and yourself tryout various bingo games online and I am sure, you’ll know why bingo rules!

Get the VIP treatment with Bingo at bet365

bet365 has rolled out the red carpet for its Bingo players by introducing a special VIP Club, with some great additional benefits for members such as special promotions, increased bonuses and a range of fantastic Free Bingo games.

With bet365’s VIP Bounceback Bonus, for instance, you can receive a bonus of up to £25 every Wednesday simply by playing your favourite Bingo games. The size of your bonus increases the further up the VIP Club ladder you are, with an exclusive 15% bonus available for all Gold VIP Club members.

Gold and Silver VIP Club members can also make the most of bet365’s Bingo Slots Club, which rewards players with a great range of cash prizes every month simply by playing Slots.

Your status within the VIP Club is determined by the number of Loyalty Points you earn each month as part of bet365’s excellent Loyalty Scheme. Earn enough points and you will receive exclusive Gold membership of this special club, meaning you can start earning the rewards you deserve!

About Bingo at bet365

You will find 90 Ball, 80 Ball and 75 Ball Bingo games at bet365, along with great promotional offers and a wide variety of side games to enjoy, including Slots, Roulette and Scratchcards.

bet365 is one of the world’s largest online gambling groups with over five million customers worldwide. bet365 offers games for every bankroll and a bingo experience that’s unrivalled. The Group employs over 1,400 people and is the UK’s seventh largest private company.

In the 2010 eGaming Review Awards, bet365 was named Operator of the Year and Casino Operator of the Year, as well as receiving the Best Website Performance award. The company also came top in eGaming Review’s Annual Power 50.

bet365 were also named Affiliate Programme of the Year in the iGaming Business Affiliate Awards 2011. bet365’s Affiliates Operations Manager, James Woods, received the Best Affiliate Manager award.