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Why is your Mum so special?

It’s one of those dates you always remember is coming up but you can never quite remember exactly which Sunday it is. Well it’s this Sunday coming, April 3rd is Mother’s Day, I know it’s almost April and it doesn’t feel like that long ago it was Christmas.

We’d love to know what do you have planned for your Mum and why she is so special?

We also have some great promotions coming up for you on Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day so make sure you keep a look out!

We’ve got Mother’s Day £5 Free when you deposit and play £5 on Lucky Ladies 88 we will give you £5 FREE to chance your luck the very next day!

Have a wonderful day!

Bingo Games Safety Tips

Ensuring your safety is our prime concern on That’s the reason why we have implemented superior safety mechanisms to safeguard your privacy when you play bingo games. We offer you secure banking and strong browser encryption every time you make a deposit or withdrawal. Still, there are a few tips we would like to recommend so that you can ensure your safety while playing bingo games. Have a look at those tips.

  • Do not disclose personal information inside bingo rooms. We strongly recommend that you should never share your email, phone numbers, and other sensitive piece of information inside a bingo room while playing bingo games. All bingo players are able to see what you type.

  • Do not reply to emails asking for your password. We have never asked our players to disclose their passwords in an email and we will never ask them to do so. If you ever receive an email asking for your password, do not reply to it.

  • Never share your password with anyone. Your password that you 123 Bingoe to play bingo games on is a very sensitive piece of information. Whosoever gains access to it can access your bingo profile and make changes or take note of your credit card or other details that you may have saved in your profile.

Follow these tips and ensure your safety every time you play bingo games on Stay safe, enjoy bingo!

April Fools’ Day is Coming

In just four short days, we will be running into the day of the year where thousands of wives announce pregnancies, millions of the employed proclaim they’ve been fired, and a trillion children’s gags will all be heard with the same punch line:  “April Fool!”

Yes, that often-forgotten-about-until-the-day-of informal holiday, April Fools’ Day is just around the corner.   Besides this being the day which most of us think, “April finally/already?”, we also find ourselves the marks of public trickery and silliness.

So garb yourself with armor of rationalization and arm yourself with a sharpened spear of logic as we take a look at some noteworthy (at times, nerdworthy) April Fools’ Day pranks to give you some idea of what we’ll be up against in less than 84 hours.


The Left-Handed Whopper

Back in 1998, Burger King trolled the world by advertising the new “Left-Handed Whopper” in a full-page ad in USA Today.  Claiming that this new burger would cater to the niche of millions of left-handed customers by rotating all condiments 180°, Burger King had successfully completed what all pranks like this are supposed to achieve: to get at least one person to believe the story.  And people did believe; southpaws and right-handeds alike started asking for their non-ambidextrous sandwiches.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

In an amazing display of accidental success from an unexpected idea, techie toy and gadget online store, had thousands of visitors clambering to buy what was meant to be a joke item.  The Tauntaun Sleeping bag, a sleeping bag fashioned to resemble a beast in Star Wars, was an immediate ‘must-have’ item for their audience.  Just how great was demand?  Enough customers stated their interest in buying the joke sleeping bag that has introduced it as a real item.  Check out the Youtube video to see it’s greatness!

Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune

These two Merv Griffon productions have had their share of April Fools’ Day fun.  The fun started in 197 when Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak switched their roles and hosted the opposite respective gameshows.  Then again in 2008, both hosts pranked their audiences – this time with Pat Sajak wearing a wig and baldcap, and Alex Trebek wearing a false mustache.  Last years’ fun continued with many small changes in the show and general silliness of the productions.  Be sure to watch these shows this year, as I’m putting my money on their being some further April Fools’ Fun.

Do you remember any remarkable, funny, or memorable April Fools’ Day pranks?  I’d love to hear about it –  join us over at our Facebook fan page and add to the fun by sharing your stories!

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A big SALE in the form of a jackpot! And the winner is… @@@@@@@ LANDLADY2005 JP $ 457.59!!! WELL DONE!

New site design launch is a go for Tuesday

I admit, it has been a long time since I first made this announcement on our blog and updated Facebook with the exciting new screens to showcase…but we’re going to be seeing our new BingoPalace site design sooner rather than later.

Just how soon?  We’re aiming for a launch of this sleeker design the morning of Tuesday, March 29th.  Just to clarify and reassure all players that this is purely a site redesign that will last approximately 30 minutes to an hour.  The games we offer, our chat rooms, CMs, promotions and policies and everything else you love will stay the same.  What is changing at is that the site will be easier to navigate by featuring an intuitive page design and greater visibility of promotions, winners, and other goodies.

Please take note: may have some small issues while this launch is happening.  We hope to have everything up and running smoothly as quickly as we can.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our blog and through Facebook.  For real time updates, check out our Twitter page to follow along.

Everyone at BingoPalace and myself would like to thank you for your patience during this launch.  We know you’ll continue to enjoy what has to offer, and we’re excited about providing you with these positive changes to our site!

Dig Out the Best on Online Bingo!!

While playing at the land establishments of bingo halls, I was left with no choice but to play bingo at the local bingo hall that was closest to my house.

But when I got online to tryout the massive flux of bingo games available online, it left me a bit perplexed! With no clue, I kept rambling from site to site hunting for the bingo experience that suits my bank balance and my taste buds too. It was only after draining a lot of energy and losing loads of precious dollars that my search came to an end with a bingo portal that was authentic and up-to-the mark with the best-in-market offers featured on it.

However, I wonder how things would have been different if someone guided me on where and what to look for on my hunt for the best online bingo site thus saving me from such a bitter experience.

So, to save you from the such a bitter experience, I decide to list out certain points in a simple and short way to help you dig out the best online bingo site thus making your online bingo journey a smooth and a pleasant one.

  • Checkout the bingo blacklist to sort out the blacklisted bingo sites.

  • Read the customer reviews and forums to find out the most preferred bingo site online.

  • Tryout the free bingo games featured on the site to explore the offers and bingo games it promises.

  • Compare the overall value of the welcomes bonus packages featured on the various bingo sites.

Keep these few points in mind and you’ll save yourself from the pain of getting lost in the immense wilderness on the online bingo. Good Luck!

Win up to £100,000 at the Big Night In on Sunday 27th March

Make sure stay home on the Sunday to be in with the chance of winning up to £100,000 in Superbook Jackpots.

Mecca Bingo is rolling out the red carpet and inviting you to our Big Night In on Sunday 27th March, starting at 5pm, we are giving you the chance to win a staggering £100,000 in Bingo Superbook Jackpots in the space of just 7 hours!

Enjoy all the glitz and glamour of the biggest night in the Bingo calendar in the comfort of your own home. Nowhere else is offering you £100,000 in just one night!

Simply play in our Club Bingo Room from 5pm and you’ll love the amount of cash we have on offer!

From 5pm up until midnight we have an array of Free or Superbook games that will be sure to make your Big Night In one to remember with tickets starting from just 10p!

With 7 hours solid Free or Superbook prizes amounting to £100,000 you can’t afford to miss the Big Night In!

So get ready for the best and biggest bingo night of the year!


We also had some big POT O’ GOLD POTS and here are the winners! @@@@@@@

shaylyn WINS $ 127.63

looweez WINS $ 117.00

halla WINS $ 117.00

halla WINS $ 117.00

jean259 WINS $ 117.00

Frankl WINS $ 117.00

shaylyn WINS $ 134.65

halla AND msthang SHARE $ 117.00

howax285 WINS $ 117.00

tf911 WINS $ 117.00

flemglego WINS $ 117.00

rangathang WINS $ 117.00


The Success Story of Bingo!

Change is inevitable, but when the change is always for better, it’s definitely got to be BINGO!! But like any other success story bingo too had to go through some hardships to finally reach the huge platform of bingo games online.

That’s right within this extensive population of bingo buffs, there’s a small set of bingo critics too, who have gone to all the extremes to get the bingo halls closed and get the heavy taxes levied on the games. While these critics of bingo did their best to kill this great game of thrill, some bingo supporters came to its rescue. Belonging to the Parliament, these bingo supporters formed an All Party Parliamentary Group of Bingo (APPG) to safeguard the interests of the bingo lovers by bringing the high bingo bingo taxes in line with the other taxation policies levied on the other gambling types.

And this is how our beloved bingo survived through 12 months of the closure of the bingo halls and recovered from the burden of heavy taxes. From here, this exciting game of bingo has never looked back and reached the hearts of bingo players worldwide by rubbing all the geographical boundaries on the platform of online bingo.

So, with all this good news and rising trends of online bingo on web one thing is sure that the craze for bingo games online is going to get thicker and thicker with time!


We had our Private St. Patrick’s day Party on Friday and THE BIG JP WINNER $ 621.60 IS Drum roll please! @@@@@@@


We also had lots of GOLD in the form of $ 170.00 for a total of $ 1,700! And here are the winners! @@@@@@@

Brenibrat WINS $ 170.00

Bingo0057 WINS $ 170.00

Bepper WINS $ 170.00

Pennysue and JenWow SHARE $ 170.00

Lovtowin WINS $ 170.00

Notmyday WINS $ 170.00

Hmmmm and bepper SHARE $ 170.00

Lovtowin WINS $ 170.00

Rth681 and spicy57 SHARE $ 170.00

✿ loundave WINS $ 170.00