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Red Carpet Room PJP Winner!

And the oscar for best luck goes to… bingo0057! You won a full of glitz and glamour jackpot of $ 421.59! WTG bingo0057!

Make Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Moment come true!


Like our Mecca Bingo Facebook fan page and we’ll donate £10,000 to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Mecca Bingo has been busy creating winning moments for Customers across the UK and now you can help us make Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Mecca Moment come true!

For every Mecca Bingo fan page like, Marie Curie will receive 50p. All you have to do is simply click here, log into Facebook and click on the like button on the Mecca Bingo fan page!

Mecca Bingo has pledged to donate £10,000, that’s 20,000 likes. So get clicking for your chance to make a Mecca Moment come true.

Terms & Conditions will donate 50p to Marie Curie Cancer Care for every Mecca Bingo Facebook ‘like’ at up to £10,000. A maximum of £10,000 will be donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care. Fundraising will end once 20,000 Facebook ‘likes’ have been achieved or on 31st December 2011 regardless of number of ‘likes’. The full £10,000 will be donated once 20,000 ‘likes’ have been achieved. Mecca Bingo reserves the right to cancel, reclaim or refuse this promotion at its own discretion. Persons under the age of 18 will not be permitted to ‘like’ the Mecca Bingo Facebook fan page. The total of 20,000 ‘likes’ will include existing number of ‘likes’ at the time the promotion went live.

Aaron’s Valentines

Win $  10 for becoming Aaron's Valentine

Hey, that’s me!  Well, I have 10 gifts to share among our kind members who leave me message for me on our Facebook fan page…

Here’s the quick and easy way to earn some extra dough:

1) Log in your account and play in Quarter’s room.

2) Win the special Cupid’s Arrow game.

3) Visit our Facebook fan page and leave your love message for Aaron along with the winning game number and your alias.

Diamonds might be forever, but you only have have from February 5th to the 7th, to win the game and submit the winning game number along with your lovely message for Aaron.  Please note, I don’t need much in the way of a Valentine’s message, as long as it’s sincere (and you don’t forget your number and alias!).

Here’s the prize breakdown:

10 lucky members will be randomly selected on February 8th who will receive a $ 10 FREE bonus prize!

The fine print:

  • Only comments with valid winning game numbers that stand for the special promo game will be taken into consideration in the raffle.
  • Regular rules apply.
  • Final winners will be announced via the fan page.

Best of luck to all players!

A Few Words about Online Bingo Prizes and Jackpots

Online bingo games are popular not only for offering inimitable entertainment but also great prizes and jackpots! In case you wonder what’s in store for on a great online bingo website, read on. You will be surprised to see the amount of prizes you can win.

Prizes and Jackpots in Details

When you play online bingo games, you can win the prizes listed below.

  • Unlimited Cash Prizes

    Bingo games online feature unlimited cash prizes. It’s because these games are available all day long, all week long, and all year long! So you can play more to win more!

  • Jackpots

    Online bingo games feature great jackpots too. Guaranteed jackpots are more common. Such jackpots are fixed and offer you great deal of money. There are random and progressive jackpots as well. Just pick a jackpot game and win BIG prizes!

  • Bingo Bucks

    Also known as reward points, this money lets you play bingo games for free. Participate in chat games to win bingo bucks!

So, what about giving online bingo games a try now? We hope you will love to play these amazing games over and over. All the best. Have fun!

Sales Room PJP Winner!

Halla took advantage of the first Friday of the year sale, she got a great deal and won $ 309.20! Congratulations!

Congratulations to our latest Mecca Moments winners!

Winners of our 10K Jackpots

DEBSXTURNXPLZX from Lancashire who loves playing bingo online won £10,147.5 on 12th October 2010, she had pre bought her tickets for the day so she wasn’t in the room when her big win came in. Her brother then called her to tell her the news as he was playing in the room at the time ( not surprisingly she thought this was him winding her up!).

When we spoke to DEBSXTURNXPLZX said she felt wonderful when she realised she had won this as she had never dreamed that she would win it and that she was glad that she did not see the ticket playing out as she could of given herself a asthma attack!!

She has no plans yet on how to spend the money but the cars need MOTs and the boiler needs fixing and more importantly she hopes to go on a holiday next year for a well deserved break!

XRAGS_2_RICHESX, who also plays in Clubs won £10,139.3 on 13th October 2010.

We spoke to XRAGS_2_RICHESX  after her win and amazingly she also pre- bought her ticket so the first time she knew she had won was when she saw her account balance the following morning, (how cool is that!).

XRAGS_2_RICHESX said ‘the first thing I did was to go straight to the room to check it was really real with the CM on duty, everyone in the room congratulated me, they were so nice. As soon as I was sure it was true, the first thing I did, I shouted the win out to my husband (he was sat opposite me!) we couldn’t believe we had won £10,000’

XRAGS_2_RICHESX then called her daughter who screamed down the phone at her! She wants to have a family holiday with three daughter and 5 grandkids and she also wants to pay off her debts.

A big congrtulations from all at Mecca!

Earn a huge deposit bonus for predicting Superbowl XLV

Earn 200% bonus ffor predicting the Super BowlI heard somewhere that there was a football game happening this weekend or something? Has anyone else heard of this?

Anyway, our promotional team has cooked up an awesome idea to get everyone ready for game day and to put an extra little oomph into your deposits. Teaming up with our Facebook fan page, we’re offering you the chance to predict who will take home Superbowl this week. Plus it’s not just for “I told you so”s, place your bet on your favorite team for this upcoming Super Sunday and win the chance to get a 200% bonus on all your deposits next Thursday, February 10th.

 Here’s what you need to know:

  • Just visit this post on our Facebook fan page, on Saturday 5th and place your “bet” for the team that you think it’s going to win, from Pittsburgh Steelers or Green Bay Packers, along with your alias.
  • 3 random members who are correct in their prediction will be contacted with a promotional code for a 200% deposit bonus on  deposits made on Feb 10th.

Don’t forget to include your alias in the post with your bet.


– Only bets placed before Saturday 5th at midnight EST, will be accepted.
– Winners will be contacted via Facebook, on Monday 7th.

Good luck!

Cheers to the Top Five Winners of the Month!!

Whether you score a good grade in academics, triumph a football match or win a lottery ticket, the feeling of being on the top is great anyways!

But behind this great feeling lies the undeterred efforts of the winners. 

The scholars scan their books for hours before exams and prepare themselves to answer all the questions in the best possible way to get the best grade.

The passionate football fanatics wake up before dawn for the most hardcore football practice to give their best shots in the final match and take home the coveted trophy thus holding their teams in pride.

Lottery fans buy back to back lottery tickets with all their lucky numbers in it and do everything under the sky to butter up the lady luck with a hope to see their tickets being drawn in the lucky draw.

Interests may differ, but there’s one common force that drives the interests of the winner to hit the top spot. It’s the undying passion to be on the top that encourages a person to put in their sincere efforts to be hailed as a winner.

Besides hard work, luck too plays its part to a great extent! But don’t forget that the lady luck too supports the person who bears an unquestionable trust in their dreams and vigorously works in the direction to realize them.

Hail, applause and appreciation…that’s what a winner deserves after their persistent efforts to hit the top spot and so, 123bingoonline raises a toast to the top five winners of this month.

Such a dedication and zeal to hit the top spot definitely calls for an applause. That’s why we take time to congratulate moebaker, hairstyler05, jeanne9*5*, ekoch and ILoveTreasure for scoring the maximum wins in all bingo and casino games this month.

So c’mon winners, throw a party, open a bottle of champagne and drink and dance to your victory this month and get ready for another one next month!!


Final Clearance! Get 230% on every deposit. Deposits of $ 100 get $ 275.00 bonus + deposit and enter to win a laptop – only 1 left in stock – in our friday raffle + play in the sale room and go for a progressive jackpot! Do not miss out the sale!

Roomie Gossip

Your Mecca Moments

Have you missed out this week on catching up with your favourite Roomies? Well fear not I have had my ear to ground to find out what has been going on this week!

It seems that last weekend a few of our Roomies were a bit accident prone! XXXNANNYJANEXXX had her ankle strapped up because she fell off the kerb! GRANNYSAWINNER burnt her arm on the kettle and BEVTHREV fractured her ribs by falling onto a coffee table! I hope you are all feeling better now!

We were talking about what we would do if we won big at Mecca. Some of you said you would go on holiday, decorate your house and some said they would learn to drive. KANDASMUM was one of our 10K Winners last year and has bought a car and is now learning to drive! We wish you lots of luck and we hope you are on the road in no time! (can you just give us some advance warning??!!!)

BROWNEYEDCHRIS has been busy helping her daughter move back home. _ GOOD SHIFT XRESULTXFLASHED made us all chuckle because her 25 year old was trying to iron and couldn’t figure out how to put up the ironing board!

There are a lot of you out there that have wedding plans this year! RIVERSIDEBABE1 wedding is coming up and has been discussing the preparations with us all. X_LES_X has her anniversary in July and KAMONE has been married 36 years this year!

Thursday was the first day of our Mecca Moment calls. Did anyone receive a call? happypeter, thinkxpink2win, jodies_mum, ifatfirstudont, XwhoWONthatX, surley, Super46, 40__Four_O__40, xxtanglesxx, 4everamber, Bunty65, fudge45, MIHONEYxx, hayley15, bazlvsbev, Hippybaby, drakeface, win4linzplz, deno40, why_bobby, groovygrom, JacksGonzo, nazzer, namnar85, bothers, elocon are all the Mecca Moment Winners so far! There is still plenty of time left to join in the fun!

There was a lot of excitement about the weekend. It seemed you had plans! COCOLOCO13 had plans to visit her family. WEEMOLLYX had her kids visiting. PEGGYWILL is now sunning herself in Egypt!

DORBET is celebrating her sons 4th Birthday with a party. KEELYIZZY was celebrating her 29th Birthday. NINGY1 is looking forward to a children free weekend with her hubby. HAWKESEYEXXXX was excited about visiting her daughter’s new house. MANDY2905 was taking her grandson to Windsor Castle. TROUBLEDDDDDD was looking forward to her grandchild coming to stay.

LUCKYXPINKYANG was celebrating her birthday by going to the bingo with her hubby. There was also some talk about hangovers! XDEVILSISBACKX had not only a hangover but had been kept up til 3am with the kiddies. 64ZOOLANE is looking forward for Tuesday when her Hubby gets back from Afghanistan.

There was a lot of talk about cooking and baking this weekend. I spent Sunday evening baking cupcakes for the boys and girls at work. BECCABLAKE was cooking a roast for her hubby whilst he was out fishing. EYVONNE had to be careful this week as last week she burnt the dinner whilst playing bingo!

I think that is just about it…… Have a great week!